"What a gorgeous CD! Everything about the album says exotic.  A wonderful project!"

Jody Glaser, CIUT 89.5FM, Toronto

"Lush rich vocals backed by striking percussion and instrumentation, often accompanied by intricate harmonies that enrich the overall sound...it definitely will be getting more airplay on KRCL!"

Susanne Millsaps, KRCL 91 FM, Salt Lake City, Utah

"It's wonderful! Great voice, beautiful, very mellow.  Love the lyrics. Love the songs."

Olga Milosevich, CBC Radio Halifax

"Tsufit's rich melodic voice feels as though it comes from some exotic singing tradition, sometimes evocative of gypsies, sometimes of small villages in Spain..."

Mary Steer, Kingston This Week

"The vocals are gorgeous"

Ron Olesko, WFDU 89.1 FM, Bergenfield, New Jersey

"Listening to her beautiful, powerful voice, which is emphasized by the strong, rhythmic Mediterranean melodies, is a real treat."

Joe Serge, Arts Editor, Canadian Jewish News

"A beautiful piece of work!"

Judith Day, KEOS 89.1FM, Bryan, Texas

"A beautiful, fun and very different album!"

Svein Reidar Myklebust, Radio Atlantic, Stavanger, Norway

"A very cool and unusual album.  Tsufit's "Under the Mediterranean Sky" presents beautiful songs, as well as wacky ones too, in a collection that many western ears will find both unique and enchanting.  Tsufit's singing engages the listener with its beauty and emotive power."

Jim Sigler, Producer/Host, Sounds Eclectic, KUMR, Missouri


"Under the Mediterranean Sky  is like a bowl of assorted exotic fresh fruits..."

Connie Bowblis, WKNH, Keene, New Hampshire


Debra D'Alessandro
WXPN, Philadelphia,PA

I find the collection varied, vibrant, serious, funny and passionate.   I particularly LOVE the "klezemerization" of "Dance Me to the End of Love"! It's lovely!"

Patricia Pavey, Host, Planet Beat, CFRC 90.5FM, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

"Under the Mediterranean Sky is a distinctive and quite lovely project that should find great success with songwriter programs and especially World Music shows."

Tom Druckenmiller, WDIY FM, Bethlehem, PA

"Just wonderful!"

Bill Hahn, WFDU 89.1FM, Bergenfield, New Jersey

"Very Cool"

Derek "DJ" Anderson, WRFW 88.7FM, River Falls, Wisconsin

"Tsufit offers strong clear vocals and refreshingly frank lyrics.   Songs like "Last Bridge" and "Broccoli" skewer relationships with such wit that they're bound to put a smile on your face.  The presence of Tony Quarrington and Quarteto Gelato's Joe Macerollo, always a good sign of the quality of musicians backing up a project.  Worth listening to again and again!"

Philip Bast, Entertainment Editor, Kitchener-Waterloo Herald

"[T]ouching ... The CD also features new songs that Tsufit has written, all sung with a vibrant, velvety voice.  Tsufit tugs at our heartstrings...

The Jewish Tribune

"I'm totally impressed! Sounds really great!

Karen McCrindle, CIUT 89.5 FM, Toronto

"Thanks again for the gift of this delightful music."

Catherine Dircz, Womenfolk, KFAI 90.3 FM, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Missouri

"Under the Mediterranean Sky is fresh, witty and rhythmic.  A wonderful blend of cultures without any of them colliding."

Dan Berggren, WCVF Radio, Fredonia, New York

"Great sensual low voice! Love the song "Somebody", great message. Check out "My Transylvanian" for beach blanket fun!"

Ardene Shapiro, CHRY 105.5 FM, Toronto

"...make it a point to catch Tsufit, a Toronto singer/songwriter whose music is as exotic as a Mediterranean smorgasboard...in its totality, Under the Mediterranean Sky is a celebration of what it is to be human--to love and to lose love; to experience joy and to experience sorrow, both with a passionate and open heart."

Robert Reid, The Record, Kitchener-Waterloo

"[A]n impressive work."

Lise Watson, Toronto World Arts Scene

"I loved it!"

Dan Horowitz, Editor, Jewish Tribune

"Delightful CD!"

William Bain, Chimes of Freedom, CFFF 92.7 Peterborough

"Very very good! Breaks barriers across all musical genres.  A programmer's delight!"

Tom Coxworth, Producter, Folk Routes, CKUA Radio Network, Alberta

"... a highly entertaining and polished project...the musicianship and quality of writing are superb."

Jeff Hurst, Cambridge Times

"All sorts of fun!" (My Transylvanian)

Jurgen Gothe, CBC Disc Drive

"Really enjoyed it!"

Craig Ross, CFBK 105.5 FM Huntsville

"Great songwriting"

Doug Gibson, CKWR 98.5 FM, Kitchener-Waterloo

"A fine recording"

Scott MacKinnon, Folk Roots Music Director, WSMU, North Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Tsufit sings mainly in English but her heart beats time with Gypsy, Klezmer and Middle Eastern rhythms. Of particular interest to this singer, who often sounds like a cross between Mary Margaret O'Hara and Patricia O'Callaghan, are the Hebrew Chassidic songs that first start gently but build to a rousing finish that draws in listeners to chant and clap along. Under the Mediterranean Sky opens with a sultry reading of Leonard Cohen's "Dance Me to the End of Love," a wise choice to set the tone for the rest of the album.  The tempo slows for the intro to the "Hebrew Peace Medley," a song that, as mentioned earlier, rises to an ecstatic crescendo. There are moments listening to Tsufit when you believe music could bring peace to the world.


"Most Entertaining"

Phil Fink, WELW 1330 AM, Cleveland, Ohio

"Good songs, good voice, good instrumentation, and a definite mid-east flavour.  A nice different sound."

Sonny Ochs, WRPI, Troy, New York

Imagine a female Jewish Loudon Wainwright III and you have some idea of what this Canadian singer-songwriter is like. After an unpromising start...this suddenly turns into a collection of very clever, witty and often biting originals about love, marriage and family, delivered with skill and individuality. On the evidence of her debut set, Tsufit has the makings of a genuine, funny and original voice.  4 STARS.

George Robinson, The New York Jewish Week

 Tsufit's crystal clear voice backed by a solid band has a nice Mediterranean flavour and something to lounge for as well.

Roy P. Planalp, World Music Director, WUHN-FM 91.3

"I love it!"

Michele Garner, WSIA 88.9FM, Staten Island, NY

"I have reviewed it and thoroughly enjoy it.  It is so different than the many other releases I'm reviewing.  Tsufit's singing is very warm, playful and sincere, across all the varied moods of the material on the CD.  I'm playing it, and I expect other will be too, once they catch on.  The song about motherly advice got some laughing listeners calling in, and the Richard Farina tune at the end is a real beautiful interpretation.  Thanks again for sending us the music."

Rik James, KGLT 91.9FM Bozeman, Montana

"She has a great voice and i find much of the music compelling.  Definitely I will play more."

Mike Kelsey, WFHB, Bloomington, Indiana

"Just Wonderful!"

Bill Hahn, WFDU 99.1 FM, Bergenfield, NJ

"A truly enjoyable listening experience. What a great voice and what fun music!!"

John A. Gronquist, KFAI 90.3FM Minneapolis and 106.7FM St. Paul, MN

"Refreshing and sometimes novel, Tsufit mixes elements of traditional material with pokes at ethnical fun. 'Under The Mediterranean Sky' offers the best of both worlds!"

Martin Curti, New World Buzz