Want to Get Known as an Expert, Guru or STAR?

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ABSOLUTELY FREE Content-Packed Video Training Series Reveals A Simple 3 Step Plan to Getting Noticed as an Expert, Guru or Star!

These 3 Secrets of Stardom can help YOU position yourself as a LEADER in your industry and beyond.

You CAN get noticed & get known as a highly paid guru!  You just need the right MINDSET, STRATEGIES & TACTICS, which I give you in this free video series.

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These secret strategies helped me become an Award Winning Author and attract endorsements from industry leaders like Tom Peters,  Jack Trout, Robert Cialdini, Les Brown, got me in-depth interviews with world famous gurus like Al Ries, Jay Conrad Levinson & Dan Kennedy and helped me become an in-demand Keynote Speaker sharing the stage with best selling authors like Michael Gerber (of E-Myth fame), John Gray (Mars, Venus books) and many more.

In this FREE video training mini-series, you’ll learn my 3 Stardom Strategies which include:

  • 1 Monumental Mindshift that will change your perspective forever!
  • 7 Secret Positioning Strategies to claim your role in the marketplace as a well respected highly paid guru starting TODAY!
  • 9 SIMPLE  Promotional Tactics to spread the word and make you visible and credible to your market!

AND You’ll Get My Spotlight Blueprint, (you’ll draw it yourself as we go), a one page step by step plan of action that’ll guide you to make the transformation from Salesman to Star!

Best of all this video training series is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Isn’t it about time? You deserve this. You’re great at what you do. But that’s not enough to stand out and attract eager fans who become prospects and eventually clients.

Don’t worry if you’re a little shy. These techniques WILL work for you IF you’re ready to try. You gotta get noticed and get known to your ideal audience!    I’ll show you how!

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See YOU in the Spotlight!


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  1. We met some years ago in Toronto at a Women Entrepreneurs event I was encouraged by our meeting and was motivated by your video above. I look forward to reading your book which I hope Santa brings to me for Christmas.


  2. Tsufit – Keep those videos coming. I am anxiously awating the nine tactics and seven strategy steps.

    Best,, “Talk Radio Advocate” Fran

    • admin

      All 4 videos are now available.

  3. Brad Bunn

    I’m just finishing your signed book, “Step into the Spotlight!” and I’m extremely impressed with your ideas and approach. In a short while, my partner and I (who has met you and practically lives in your neighborhood!) will contact you for personal business consultation and coaching. Thanks for what you do and how you do it!!!